Sheathing tube | Fibreglass | Pt100

Sheating tube resistance thermometer


Sheathing tube resistance thermometer Pt100

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Product features

Measurement range -50 °C to +450 °C
Electrical resistance Pt100
Tolerance B / A or AA as per DIN IEC 751
Circuit type 2, 3 or 4-wire technique
Probe Ø 4.0–8.0 mm
Probe length 50–500 mm
Conductor Fibreglass with VA braid
Conductor insulation Fibreglass
Conductor Strand, Cuvn, AWG 26F (0.14 mm², 7 x 0.16 mm)
Strand colour white, red
Wire length 500–5,000 mm
Type of connection Selection
R ISO / 1000VAC >200 Mohm

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