Sheet gaskets

D 3.4 BLUE


Static, Sintered PTFE Sheet Gaskets Characteristics Microcellular structured PTFE filled with hollow glass microspheres High sealability even at low gasket stress Minimized cold flow Very good recovery High compressibility and adaptability even at slightly damaged flanges Technical parameters Temperature: t = -180 … +230 °C Pressure: p = 55 bar Article code / Thickness BLUE 05 / 0.5 mm BLUE 08 / 0.8 mm BLUE 10 / 1.0 mm BLUE 15 / 1.5 mm BLUE 20 / 2.0 mm BLUE 30 / 3.0 mm Main application Steel-, Glass-, Ceramic-, glass lined or plastic flanges on pipework Vessel Container Reactors Universally on all tension sensitive equipment flanges. Suitable for Chemical industry Pharmaceutical industry Food industry Approvals DVGW TA Luft FDA EG 1935:2004, EU 10/2011 FDA Variant D3.1 Modified PTFE: Reduced deformation under pressure, better resilience under varying pressure, reduced thermal expansion coefficient (approx. 50 %) D3.2 Glas: Improved compression strength due to glas fiber...

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