Shelf and bin labels

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A combination of several factors determines the success of order picking in your warehouse: the layout of the bin (picking) locations, the ideal routing and picking sequence, proper inventory management with the help of a warehouse management system (WMS), high-quality tools such as scanners and voice-picking headsets, and last but not least, the right labels. The design you select for your shelf and bin labels plays an important part in the daily order picking operations. Equally as important is your choice of label material. In addition, your work environment is a deciding factor, as are the application and the desired durability. What is the average temperature in your warehouse? Are your picking locations static or dynamic? Do your order pickers use long-range scanners? We can help you answer these and other questions to determine the type of label material you need for your shelf and bin labels.

  • Bar codes - printing machines
  • Shelf labels
  • Bin labels
  • Order picking labels

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