Shellac is the refined form of the natural resin lac, the resinous secretion of the insect Kerria Lacca. Bleached shellac, decolourized by a oxidizing bleaching process, is also mainly used for technical applications and as a coating agent for citrus fruits. From alcoholic solutions, bleached shellac is also used for the glazing of confectionary products. In the pharmaceutical industry, dewaxed flake shellac, refined by solvent extraction and available in a uniform and constant quality, is preferred. For your convenience, we offer aqueous shellac as ready use coating agent (Aquagold). Applications Shellac is applied from alcoholic or aqueous solutions, showing different properties during the coating process and the release and dissolution characteristics of the film. Typical applications are the encapsulation of powders and granules, or the coating of pellets and tablets. Additionally, soft and hard gelatine capsules can be protected by a barrier coating, e.g. for taste and odou


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