Shieldings made of tungsten and tungsten composite materials

Shielding components for X-ray tubes, computer tomographs, detectors...
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Shielding components made from tungsten, molybdenum and the tungsten heavy alloy Densimet® only allow radiation to pass where it is actually needed. During the generation of X-ray radiation our materials guarantee that environmental radiation exposure is kept to an absolute minimum. Plansee produces flat shielding components using an innovative, near net shape process. The result: The foils and sheets have a particularly isotrope and homogeneous microstructure free from any characteristic orientation. Possible products and applications are: — Shielding components for X-ray tubes — Shutter blades for computer tomographs — Shielding elements for detectors — Isotope containers for brachytherapy — Shielding elements for linear accelerators — Shieldings for oil and gas drilling

  • Steels and metals - surface treatment and coating
  • Shielding tungsten
  • Shielding x-ray
  • medical devices

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