Shipbuilding, Ocean Plant Design


Description - Based on our shipbuilding/sea plant design technology, our company specializes in the marine industry, mainly in the development and sales of water drones that can produce eco-friendly shipbuilding equipment, manage fish farms, and observe the ocean. - Our shipbuilding/sea plant design and technical services provide technology by shipowner's order, so ship orders are an important consideration. Features · Securing related design skills based on excellent design skills and abundant experience accumulated over 15 years of experience in designing shipbuilding and marine plants. · Having cost-saving design techniques with over 200 different ship types of experience. · Major design lines: TANKER, Container Ship, Offshore, Fishing Map Line, Fisheries Resource Survey Ship, etc. · Perform 2D, 3D design of merchant ships, marine plants, and special purpose ships · Performing a Modified Line Design(Retrofit-BWTS, Scrubber reverse design, etc.)

  • Shipbuilding
  • Offshore Equipment
  • Merchant ship
  • marine

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