The scrap and short-wood line is designed for processing root pieces, slabs, edgings, panel waste pieces, windfall wood, and of course logs. With the log feed, step feeder, debarker, washing system, dosing system all the way to the highly-ecient drum chippers, the production of high-quality chips is guaranteed. Key features Simple feeding of wood directly from the truck Robust underground bins or vibrating feeders Vibrating conveyor lines Drum chipper Metal sensor and roller conveyor cleaning system Advantages Use of almost any type of wood material Continuous and uniform material feed Safe removal and discharging of rocks, sand, and other contaminants High lling level and high utilization of chipper capacity

Wood veneer - machinery and equipment
  • Short Waste Wood Line
  • Log Waste Wood Line
  • Vibrating Conveyor Line
  • Wood Line
  • slabs
  • panel
  • waste pieces
  • debarker
  • windfall wood


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