Material: Stainless steel 1.4057. Version: Bright. Note: Shrink disc to connect a hollow hub to a shaft. They are mounted on the OD of the hub and generate pressure on the hub wall by reducing the ID with wedge-formed rings, creating a press fit between the hub and shaft. They are suitable for static, dynamic and shock loads. - for extremely high torques - no axial shaft/hub offset when assembling - self-centring The version 23380-01-4072 has high tensile ISO 4762 screws. Assembly: Remove existing transportation locks. Clean and lightly oil shaft, internal and external hub diameters. Do not use MoS2 or grease. Slide shrink disc onto hub. Then slide unit (shrink disc/hub) onto shaft and position correctly. Gently tighten clamping screws one after the other by hand. Then use a torque wrench to tighten the clamping screws crosswise in several increments to the defined tightening torque MS. 1st increment approx. 33% MS 2nd increment approx. 66% MS 3rd increment 100%...

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