Our highly transparent unprinted OPP-SIDE FOLD BAG WITH SEAL SEAM are made of eco-friendly polypropylene (PP). They are food-safe and have special seal seams (not glued) that hold up to finely ground spices, tea, powders and similar substances. Of course we can also issue a declaration of conformity for the OPP-SIDE FOLD BAGS WITH SEAL SEAM from Elke Plastic if needed! Thanks to the folds worked into the sides, the bag that’s named for them can increase its volume– depending on the fill quantity – quite flexibly. This also makes it easier to fill the bag. Additionally the OPP-SIDE FOLD BAGS WITH SEAL SEAM provide your pulverised fill materials such as coffee solid protection against dust, dirt and moisture.

Plastic packaging
  • Side Folf Bags With Sealing Seam 30 µm

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