Side Gusset Tubular Film

High volume or large products? Pack them perfectly with side gusset tubular film


Sometimes size does matter – when it comes to packaging, for example. Sometimes supersize products or extra large amounts of goods require a unique solution. This is where Dürrbeck side gusset tubular film comes into play! This plastic film is similar to standard blown or tubular film, with the exception of its added side gussets, or folds. These allow the film to expand to cover larger circumferences – with a relatively low film width. At Dürrbeck, you can order side gusset tubular film with a maximum circumference of 6,000 mm. Side gusset tubular film is the perfect solution when you need to package bulky, large goods. It is affordable and suitable for a wide range of uses – from delicate laundry or garment bags for clothing to durable protectors of wooden covers, or as special packaging for food. Dürrbeck has it all!

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  • Side Gusset Tubular Film

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