Side-entry agitators for FGD HWL


"The EKATO HWL FGD Side-Entry agitator was specially designed to be used in absorber towers of flue gas desulfurization plants. This agitator is the world’s most-sold side-entry agitator for absorber towers in flue gas desulfurization plants. The reliability of these extremely robust agitators is proved by over 1,500 FGD-plants. STANDARD DESIGN Drive versions from 3 – 90 kW with different gearbox types (V-belt drive, helical-, bevel gearbox..) Mechanical Seal EKATO 42L: Single acting product lubricated mechanical seal with shut-off device to service the mechanical seal, or replace it entirely, without shutting down or emptying the absorber tower. EKATO Wingjet impeller: Specifically developed for the use in absorbers for flue gas desulfurization. With its CFD optimized geometry and its cast formed blades this impeller offers the following advantages: Available diameters: 800 - 2000 mm"

  • side-entry agitator
  • horizontal agitators
  • agitators for flue gas desulfurization plants

Product features

Motor Power 3 - 90 kW
Shaft Diameter 40 - 120 mm
Operating Pressure Atmospheric - 7 bar

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