Silencer - NR 19 / NR 14

Silencer - NR 19 / NR 14
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NR SILENCERAccessories for insulation drying units Admittedly, modern side channel compressors are soundproofed at the best possible rate, however still cause function-related turbine-like noises, often perceived as disruptive by residents. Hence, the use of silent drying units is of little avail. Trotec NR silencers spare your customers unnecessary noise and this way your service will remain in good memory! Marked reductions in noise could be detected during comprehensive practical tests in applications with compressors of leading manufacturers! The universally applicable NR 19 MultiQube is especially suited for use with Trotec insulation drying units of the MultiQube series and provides still more noise reduction without dynamic pressure – With the NR 19 MultiQube, reductions of 14 to 19 dB are possible!

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