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Silica Gel Sachets - MiniPax® Sorbent Packets

0.25 grm, 0.50 grm, 1.0 grm, 2.0 grm, 3.5 grm


MiniPax® Silica Gel packets with Tyvek® casing technology (+viewing window on reverse packets) are a patented formula which out perform competitors products for nearly all moisture control applications. They are designed to combat the effect of moisture damage to goods during transport or storage. This help by removing any excess moisture on goods which can result in internal corrosion even when they’re in a hermetically sealed environment. Unlike cheaper alternatives these sachets continue to prove themselves as a ‘best in class’ product. They remain reliable and durable. Perfect for protecting sensitive goods that are being transported or stored. Supplied to you in standard sized breathable sachets they come in box quantities for your convenience. They feature a standard print and are hermetically sealed in heavy duty foil bags. This packaging has the added benefit of giving the product an indefinite shelf life until it is actually used.

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