Molybdenum disilicide (MoSi 2) has electrical conductivity. A silicon dioxide passivation layer can be developed on the surface of MoSi 2 under high temperature to prevent the further oxidation. The external appearance of MoSi 2 is grey compound with metal luster. MoSi 2 is the intermediate phase of Mo-Si binary alloy system with the highest content of silica. It has the characters of both metal and ceramic. MoSi 2 has good high temperature oxidation resistance, high temperature plasticity, heat-conductibility, electro-conductibility and mobility. And it has wide range of application in high temperature structural ceramics. MoSi 2 is mainly used as heating element, integrated circuit, high temperature oxidation resistant coating, and high temperature structural materials. As a structural material, MoSi 2 can be used in aviation, spaceflight, high-temperature components of automobile gas turbine. Spherical molybdenum disilicide is the core product.

Product features

Molecular weight 152.12
Colour gray
Silicon content ≥36.2%
Density 6.26g/cm3
Melting point 2030℃
Boiling point 3258℃


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