Silicone Caps & Covers are useful for masking and protection purposes, offering excellent shock absorption and high temperature resistance. It is for this reason that they are commonly found within applications that require masking off before painting or coating, preventing uneccessary coverage where a coating would cause issues. These Caps can be placed onto threads, studs or rods to cover and protect, as a low cost solution that comes in a huge number of sizing options. All of our Silicone Caps / Covers can be found on our website with a range of sizes available, along with the option to request free samples of each. This way, you can try the product before you commit to a purchase.

Stoppers and caps, plastic
  • silicone caps
  • silicone covers
  • silicone masking caps

Product features

End Caps up to 54mm Made from Silicone
High temperature product Form of rubber
Good for masking uses Easily covers

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