Silicone Heater Foils

Flexible Heating Elements


Silicone heaters are resistant to permanent temperatures up to 200°C, with self-adhesive foil 180°C should not be exceeded. Higher temperatures of 230°C is possible for a short time without destroying the heater. The temperature that will be reached within the application, generally is not easy to predict, as there are many influencing factors. In addition to the power, resp. surface load, this also includes mass and type of the material to be heated (thermal conductivity, surface quality, etc.) installation / assembly situation (bonded, vulcanised, clamped, etc.), ambient temperature, air movement and, of course, the control technology used. Application examples for silicone heater mats include: canteen kitchen technology / catering, anti-fog and anti-freeze applications, tool or plate heating in machines, 3D printers, laboratory equipment, composite materials repair, joint curing and much more.

  • Silicone heaters
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