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Silicone rubbers have the big advantage over other types of materials that they maintain their proper functioning at 60°C up to +250°C . Making them last much longer. They are available in all RAL colors and can be completely inertness (no taste or smell), making them extremely suitable in the food industry. We can produce simple extruded profiles but also custom made in complex cross sections. High temperature resistance up to +250°C doneHigh tear strength and low compression set doneExcellent electrical insulation properties More information Silicone rubbers have exceptional weather and UV resistance. Thus, can be used outdoors for longer periods without any change in its physical properties. Silicone rubber has excellent moisture and steam resistance. It can be immersed in cold, warm or boiling water for longer periods. This rubber can be extruded into strips, tubes, solid cord or any custom profiles.

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