Excellent thermal properties are one of the hallmarks of the Premium Silicone name, and so it should come as no surprise that our silicone sponge tubes and extrusions are made of the same guaranteed quality as the rest of our products. From temperatures of -50°C to 250°C the material is robust and stable, able to withstand a huge change without altering its shape or compromising its formidable ability to act as a seal. It has a low compression set, typically less than 15%, and is resistant to all kinds of weathering. At a lower cost than silicone rubber, the benefits should be clear as day. Tubes and extrusions are also the perfect way to extend certain silicone sponge lengths, which can in turn increase efficiency and productivity to a noticeable degree in industrial environments. Available in our GP grades - PremSil P10, P16, P24 & P33 as well as tailored/speciality grades and colours.

  • Extruded profiles
  • silicone
  • silicone sponge
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