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As a cooking tool made of all silicone material, it can be used safely on the human body by preventing scratches on the cooking utensils. It is flexible and can be used for a long time. It is eco-friendly as it does not generate harmful ingredients to the human body. Width 4CM, Height 28CM It can be boiled and sterilized. Used for handling or cooking food. Our Company AERANGCOOK Our ' I LUV distribution' company has branches in Seoul and Busan based in Yeongnam, so we can operate and supply sales and sales operations nationwide. We are using a kitchenware brand called 'AERANGCOOK', and it was completed by combining Chinese characters meaning love 'AE', 'Rang' in Korean and 'Cook' in English. We import products directly from overseas, produce ODM, and OEM and we also strive to develop our own products. We are planning to expand our business not only to the domestic market but also to export our products abroad.

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I luv co.
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