The ICSM, accurately and exactly representing the technological site, should have necessary and obligatory elements, i.e. dynamically changing illumination of the technological process components as well as moving fluids and devices launched into the pipeline which imitate the process flow dynamics. The process flow mathematical model is used to control the operation of the entire dynamic part of the ICSM model. The hydrodynamic model makes real-time calculations for the pressure, flow rate and temperature values throughout the whole length of the pipeline system. In its turn, the technological process is controlled from the touch-screen control panel. Such a design of the ICSM complete with the control panel guarantees that trainees are sure to take interest in the on-going process and it also allows them to join in controlling the process and to change parameters in the process operating conditions.

Teaching materials
  • personnel training
  • technical and industrial apprenticeships
  • Technical training aids

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