Installed in the instructor’s automated workstation is a mathematical model of two parallel oil pipeline sections, each having 3 different-type oil pump stations. The whole simulating system complex allows to imitate: - operation of the equipment of the oil pump station and its linear section; - start and stop of fluid pumping operations; - place the pipeline in the technological operating conditions as required - parallel-serial pumping operations; - pressure regulation system operation; - evaluation of the effect the looping lines and the booster pumps have on the pipeline performance; - pipeline ruptures and calculation of oil leakage volume. The instructor has the option of setting up: - non-standard situations, - all protection / safety systems for the equipment and station, - equipment failure, - emergency situations in any pipeline section: - imitation of the scraper/PIG/prover launcher station operations.

Models, educational
  • simulators
  • Oil transport simulators
  • Industrial and technical training

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