A dovetail joint is most commonly used in wood working but also in metal working as a way of creating a joint which is extremely strong. Dovetails are typically either 45 degree or 60 degree. INVERTED DOVETAIL CUTTER / CHAMFER CUTTER • Use for chamfers and other angular Milling Operations. • Available with included angles of 45º and 60º. • Made of High Speed Steel. • Designed to take the place of Arbor Type Cutters. • Provided with weldon shanks. • Can be used both in manual and CNC Machines. • Suitable for use in a wide range of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Materials. • Available in 45º or 60º. • Made of High Speed Steel. • Type B,D,F which is best described as umbrella shaped.

Machine tools - metal machining
  • Single Angle Shank Type Cutter - Inverted Dovetail Cutter Manufacturer and exporter India
  • milling tools
  • angle cutters

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