The C10-LT enables testing of components and single cells with an active cell area of 25 cm² or 50 cm² up to 100 W. Combined with our TestWork software and included SQL test and parameter data base, the station is perfectly designed for MEA developers or universities conducting fuel cell research. The integrated PLC provides highly accurate, noiseless, reliable data acquisition, precise, real-time control loop operation and 3-level alarm management for maximum operational safety. All these features are important when performing durability tests where reliable data is a priority. The test stations include FuelCon's saturator humidifier. A multipoint electronic level control of the saturator vessel ensures always constant water level and pressure with stable humidity values for anode and cathode. The integration of dignostic devices from our TrueData line, such as impedance analyzer or cyclic voltammetry extension allow operators to perform detailed studies of material behavior.

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Product features

Anode flow range 0.02 to 2 [Nl/min]
Cathode flow range 0.05 to 5 [Nl/min]
Footprint L x W x H 1.1 x 0.8 x 1.65 (meter)
Std. gas temperature 130 °C (266°F)
Humidity range [RH] Dry to 100% @ 90 °C
Electronic load Up to 100 A/ 2.5V/ 100 W
Typical test items Single cells, 25 - 50 cm²

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