Single Jersey Fabrics Family - OE Gray Melange Lycra, OE Gray Melange, Combed Cotton



Ogma Single jersey fabrics are among the most available fabric types on the market. Single jersey fabrics produced only in circular knitting machines are knitted flat from cotton or cotton-weighted mixed yarns. They are generally produced with a low weight between 100-130 grams. Since the single jersey fabric has a flat front and a reverse loop structure, the front and back are different. The single jersey fabric types named according to the yarns used can be knitted with single-ply yarns and high weight. Single jersey fabrics produced in double layers or in different variations are generally used in the production of slip, athlete, undershirt, t-shirt, and underwear. The single jersey fabrics named according to the following knitting types are among the types of fabric preferred by those who have knowledge about textiles.