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Single Point Control of Coloumn Boom - Your best Partner for Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel Tank manufacturing


The 2Kwelding CBS series of column & Boom Manipulators are specially designed and produced for harsh and rugged area circumstances. Column-Boom Systems are manufactured to ensure ergonomics during weld jointing processes, reaching to hard to access areas while welding large pieces and to perform welding with minimal error.. Column-Boom systems approach to the most suitable area on the piece for performing the required welding process under control of the operatör and welding operation is performed with the command sent to the automatic unit on the boom While Column-Boom systems can perform welding independently for any part, it may also perform circular or lengthwise welding using rotator or positioner. Welding types that can be performed by the system are SUBMERGED, MIG, MAG, TIG. Also, Column-Boom systems can be fixed or with automatic travel on rail.