Single and Multiphase Coatings

Technical Ceramic Coatings


We are now offering a range of coatings for our ceramic products to enhance the electrical performance in distinguished applications. The single phase coatings (green) are excellent for supressing the emission of secondary electrons, which reduces surface charging effects. The multi-phase coatings (black) produce a conductive ceramic surface that enables operation of power tubes at very high voltages. The flexibility of these coatings means that surface resistivity can be tailored between 10 9 > 10 14Ω. These coatings are also excellent for enabling size reduction which lowers weight and hence TCO of our customers’ systems. We work closely with our customers to select the right coating for their application and we can ensure the coating is tailored to suit your end application. We also have the ability to measure surface resistance on complex shapes, and our reliable processes ensure production continuity and short development times. If you would like to know how these coatings...

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