Here at Abfad Limited we have over 10 years’ knowledge and experience lining and repairing storage tanks of all different shapes and sizes, above ground, underground, some in good condition, some in bad condition. One thing is clear from our time in this industry, corrosion is the main enemy of the storage tank and shortens its life span considerably. Solvent free single skin tank lining to provide an internal single skin within the storage tank which encapsulates the steel and prevents corrosion taking place within the tank. Fuelavc® double skin tank lining system with class 1 vacuum pressure leak detection monitoring for above and below ground tanks of any size. Fuelvac® provides two levels of protection within storage tanks, it protects the steel from corrosion due to the protective solvent free coatings and the unique nature of the vacuum system, and also provides 24/7 leak detection monitoring of the tank. Speed of installation means that tank down-times are greatly minimised.

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  • tank lining
  • double skin tank lining
  • solvent free tank lining
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