Single and multi-point, automatic lubrication systems



MEMOLUB® HPS is an autonomous refillable lubrication system for single or mutiple point use With its 25 bar ejection pressure, it can be used with 2 to 8 outlets distribution blocks Remote installation up to 8 meters MEMOLUB® HPS is the leading product in our range. Its content of 120cc-240cc or 480cc and 5 daily output programs of 0.3 to 14.4cc make it the most versatile lubricator in our range. Settings of 1 week to 24 months through MEMO rings (see technical data’s). With its 25 Bar pressure, it can be installed remotely up to 8 meters from lube point or can be used up to 8 points with distributor blocks. Certified ATEX-EX zone 22.

Product features

Cartridge capacity 120 cc / Méga : 240 cc / Giga : 480 cc
Dimensions 115 x 101 mm / Méga : 147 x 101 mm / Giga : 228 x 101 mm
Battery Pack 4,5 V Alkaline
Temperature exposure range -15° C à +50°C
Direct connection 1/4 inch R

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