C400 and C600 Series DC contactors are highquality single pole NO contactors for 400 A and 600 A respectively. The compact contactors are especially suited for use as main contactors in wind and solar power plants and as deep discharge protection of batteries in UPS systems. Features: - Single pole DC NO contactors for 400 A and 600 A resp. used as main contactors in emergency installation (UPS) and as deep discharge protection for batteries - Compact design - Easy to mount - Cadmium-free - Nominal coil power < 15 W - Standard make with 1 auxiliary contact available

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Product features

Contact configuration 1 x SPST-NO
Nominal voltage 96 V
Rated insulation voltage Ui 125 V
Conv. thermal current Ith 400 A
Maximum making capacity 96 V: 400 A resistive
Maximum breaking capacity 96 V: 650 A resistive
Aux. contact 1 x SPDT
Coil voltage 24, 48, 60 V DC
Coil tolerance % Us -12.5% ... +25%

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