Schaltbau has introduced an update of its CH Series high-voltage contactors which have proven their worth in industrial and railway applications for decades. Its completely modernized design is comparable to the one of the most successful CT series. The new CH1130/02 also uses permanent magnets and ceramic elements for quenching the electric arc, thus ensuring optimal functionality and reliability of the contactor. he customer is now offered a new version for 3 kV DC and AC with a current-carrying capacity of up to 200 A! which will replace the 4 existing CH series. The switching device is especially suited for use as pre-charging and switch-on contactor in power supplies and as control contactor for resistor banks in heating and air conditioning equipment. Features: Compact, rugged design Double-break contacts Use of ceramic elements for extinguishing the arc Easy visual inspection of state of contacts (no tools) Tested to railway stadard IEC 60077

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