The roller brush type 964 is made of single section brushes mounted together on a core up to the required face width. This roller brush type can be mounted on cores made from stainless steel, plastic coated steel, or mild steel. Kullen-Koti recommends especially this brush type for heavy-duty operations with a high dense brush surface, e. g. by using our single section brushes with twisted steel knots (Type Z-SH). But we can manufacure the single section in almost all other fill material types. For mounting the single section brushes on the core or by the operator himself on the existing primary shaft, we use our fixing ring (FRB / scew nut (MB) system. The single section brushes are available in 10 particular series-diameter (KD.) The single section brushes can be supplied as roller brushes type 964 with the following core systems: - system WK 1/WK 2 with journals. - tubular core with reduction bushes (WK 3). - "Throw-Away" system with thin-walked tube with arbor hole fitting on...

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