Our Bag in Drum Aseptic Fillers provide the highest possible level of sterility and productivity for filling bulk aseptic bag in box and bag in drum containers. They are designed for packaging sterile fluids like tomato paste, vegetables and fruit juices, purees, particulates, concentrates, sauces, soups and dairy products. The compact design gives you maximum aseptic safety while requiring a very small aseptic zone. Nearly all crucial components are from world famous brands and it ensures the reliability of the machines. Weight or flow meters optional for volume control are to be employed. Filling and capping parts move in an enclosed steam chamber which ensures the sterility. Designed with a CIP (Clean in Place) circuit. Specifications: Specifications: Applicable bags: 1-inch-spout prepared aseptic bags, 200-220 litres (however this filler can be customized for other-size spouts too) Power: 1.

Bag filling machinery and equipment
  • Bag in Drum Filler
  • Aseptic Bag Filler
  • Bag in Drum Filling Machine

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