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Powder Metallurgy Manufacturing


We provide the powder metallurgy manufacturing with a wide range of advantages for our clients: Excellent surface finishes Excellent tolerance control Cost-effective processing Inexpensive materials A wider variety of alloys to use A high-quality end products Machining minimization while producing parts Controlled porosity for self-lubrication or filtration Materials that can be heat-treated Our production line provides manufacturing Sintered parts for suspension, Sintered parts for oil pumps, Sintered parts for engine, Sintered parts for start motors, Sintered parts for transmission and other custom parts according to your drawings.

Sintering - steels and metals
  • sintered metal products
  • powder metallurgy
  • Sintering - steels and metals

Product features

Minimal order 10.000 pcs/month
Maximum order 200.000psc/month

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