The FuelCon sintering station product line is targeted to the needs of complex SOFC stack manufacturing processes. The sintering process is a critical manufacturing procedure in which several ceramic MEAs are interconnected and fixed in place to form the SOFC stack. In order to maximize production throughput without impacting stack performance, the parameters during the sintering and reduction procedure must be precisely defined and controlled, and most importantly, it must be reproducible. FuelCon’s sintering and reduction stations allow not only accurate control and management of the anode and cathode gas flow, but provide also precise control of the gas composition, temperature, electronic load parameters, cell voltages and mechanical pressure.

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Product features

Std. fuel flow range Up to 500 (Nl/min)
Std. air flow range Up to 1,500 (Nl/min)
Footprint L x W x H 2.4-4 x 1.2 x 2.5-3 (m)
Max. gas temperature Up to 1,000 °C
Gas humidity range On request
Sinter furnace Customized
Electronic load Up to 300 V/1,000 A/25 kW
Data logging SQL data base

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