Sirius MK6 Advanced Grade Labeller

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The Sirius MK6 Labeller is an accurate and reliable system manufactured for high-speed label applications. With a maximum production speed of 300 products per minute, the Sirius MK6 increases your production line’s speed and efficiency. Built with a heavy-duty conveyor and stainless-steel base frame, this label application machine is made to last. It’s innovative “no tool” adjustment process allows the user to effortlessly perform product changeovers. The operating system is cost effective, allowing for easy use, setup, and maintenance. It also includes video tutorials on maintenance, changeovers, and system alarms. This system is not only easy to use, but also can keep up with the industry’s advanced machine capability requirements. The Sirius MK6 is a Pharmaceutical Grade Labeller.

  • Labelling machines
  • Adhesive label applicators
  • pressure sensitive adhesive systems
  • labeller

Product characteristics

Production Rates:
Up to 300 products per minute depending on product and label sizes
Product Capacity Height min/max:
20mm / 350 mm
Product Capacity Width min/max:
15mm / 200 mm
Label Capacity Height min/max:
10 mm / 305 mm
Label Capacity Width min/max:
10 mm / 330 mm



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M44 5AY Manchester - United Kingdom