Designed for economical, general purpose countersinking, chamfering or deburring. • Designed for Economical, General purpose countersinking, chamfering or Deburring. • Chip loads are generally smaller and chatter free machining is possible. • Shatterless countersinks are designed to give you fast shearing cuts. • Made from High Speed Steel. • Available in 60º, 82º and 90º Degree. Item code No.Size.Shank Dia.Overall Length Please mention 62º or 82º or 90º Degree while placing order ABM-CT-124603/16”3/16”1-1/2” ABM-CT-124611/4”1/4”2” ABM-CT-124625/16”1/4”2” ABM-CT-124633/8”1/4”2” ABM-CT-124641/2”1/4”2” ABM-CT-124655/8”1/2”2-3/4” ABM-CT-124663/4”1/2”2-3/4” ABM-CT-124677/8”1/2”2-3/4” ABM-CT-124681”1/2”2-3/4” ABM-CT-124691-1/4”3/4”2-3/8” ABM-CT-124701-1/2”3/4”3-1/2” ABM-CT-124711-3/4”1”4-1/4” ABM-CT-124722”1”4-3/8”

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