Skin Without Fur

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Our dear friends have a natural urge to chew. So for them not to nibble on shoes and furniture, it is important for them to have a tasty and qualitative alternative. The Argos horse snacks are suitable for various reasons. They are not only high in protein, they are also relatively low fat treats. In addition, they contain no additives and are therefore all the healthier for your dog. If you are in search of a truly delectable snack for your dog, horse skin by Argos is a choice that will have you fully covered. From exceptional raw ingredients and mild processing which brings out its unique taste, this hard snack provides a long lasting chew and a unique tasty treat. It contributes to dental hygiene and is suitable for nutritionally sensitive dogs.

  • Leather, skins and furs
  • Fur Skin
  • Skin Dogs
  • Chew Low Fat

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583 00 Kria Vrisi - Greece