The ProSAW-460 skiving machine is intended for split-pith sawing and skiving of logs in wood-sawing lines productive capacity of up to 450 (profiled log) m3 per shift (8 hours) (depending on available capacity). •Logs can be sawed both split-pith and with skiving. •Positioning of a log during sawing is improved by means of V-shaped tracks with upper air-operated clamps. •Application of two-shaft sawing system improves productivity at the same capacity. •The output of lumber is increased due to smaller saw kerfs. •Sawing is carried out by saws from within the log, which prolongs service life of the saws, as dirt and send do not get into the kerf, thus not blunting the saw teeth and not wearing and tearing the saw. •Application of two pairs of drawing rollers at the exit of the machine. •Movable upper shaft allows installing smaller saws for sawing logs of smaller diameters.

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