The size of its head allows a sledgehammer to apply more force than other hammers of similar size. Along with the mallet, it shares the ability to distribute force over a wide area. Double face hammer head and wooden handle that will not splinter. Great for heavy hammer work like driving spikes and demolition work. • Drop forged alloy steel heads. • Hardened & Tempered. • Ground and Polished. • Seasoned Hardwood Handles. • With or without wooden handle. With Handle Item Code No.Without Handle Item Code No.Lbs ABM-HMR-17381ABM-HMR-174112 ABM-HMR-17382ABM-HMR-174123 ABM-HMR-17383ABM-HMR-174134 ABM-HMR-17384ABM-HMR-174145 ABM-HMR-17385ABM-HMR-174156 ABM-HMR-17386ABM-HMR-174168 ABM-HMR-17387ABM-HMR-1741710 ABM-HMR-17388ABM-HMR-1741812 ABM-HMR-17389ABM-HMR-1741914 ABM-HMR-17390ABM-HMR-1742016

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  • hammers and sledgehammers for demolitions
  • Sledge Hammer Manufacturer and Exporter India
  • mechanic's hammers

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