The slewing bearing, also known as slew(ing) ring, is a type of bearing for low-speed and high axial load applications. The slewing bearing is a mechanical component that is used in major industrial sectors. Harbor and deck cranes are one of the ideal applications for using slewing bearings – for example, for container handling. Additionally, for wind turbine blades, the use of slewing bearings ensures the highest level of reliability and efficiency, as required by this sector. APPLICATIONS: Earth Moving Machinery Concrete pumps Civil and Harbor Cranes Wind Turbines Radar Robotics Packaging Logistics Material handling Bottling / filling carousels Rotating tables Polyurethane Injection Systems Drilling Rigs Welding Plants Water Treatment Plants Lunapark Woodworking Machines Marble Cutting Machines Palletizers Aerial Platforms Roller Conveyors / Idle Rollers

Bearings - ball, needle and roller
  • ball bearings
  • Balls, Rollers, Needle Rollers
  • industrial moving
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