Slicer 604


An idle cut blade head with automatic cutting gap adjustment ensures that the Weber Slicer 604 has a high yield with minimum giveaway. The product throat can be adjusted automatically in height and width, and the fully automatic central loading unit ensures rapid product changes. Products up to 1,700 mm in length are fed in automatically and processed at up to 600 slices per minute. The shear bar and side limit stop can be configured by motor and with programme control. That allows the Weber Slicer 604 to guarantee a precise cut and placement of perfect slices continuously. Options: Slice folder Variogripper Idle cut blade head Separate blade drive Interleaver Portion designer

Food Industry - Machines & Equipment
  • automatic cutting
  • Slicer
  • cut blade head

Product features

Slicing speed (rpm) 600
Product throat height (mm) 165
Product throat width (mm) 380
Product length (mm) 1200/1700
Slicing system Circular blade
Cutting thickness (mm) 0,5 - 50
Loading (automatic/manual) automatically
Height (mm) 2395 (with vario grippers: 3195)
Width (mm) 1460
Length (mm) 3965
Weight (kg) 2200

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