Slicer 804


Weber Slicer 804 is among the most efficient systems in its class. The involute blade system cuts products up to 1,700 mm in length at a maximum speed of 2,000 slices per minute. The automatic central operation ensures quick product changes. Slicer 804 uses a blade head with an idle cut function, which positions slice thicknesses between 0.1 millimetres and 50 millimetres precisely in various presentation forms. The 400 mm wide and 180 mm high product throat permits four 90 calibre products or three 100 x 100 products to be processed simultaneously. The system includes a programme-controlled, automatically configurable product clearance height and width. Weber Hygiene Design ensures that the system is easy to clean. Options: Slice folder Variogripper Idle cut blade head

Food Industry - Machines & Equipment
  • cutting throat
  • Slicer
  • blade

Product features

Slicing speed (rpm) 2000
Product throat height (mm) 180
Product throat width (mm) 380
Product length (mm) 1200/1700
Slicing system Involute blade
Cutting thickness (mm) 0,5 - 50
Loading (automatic/manual) automatically
Height (mm) 2424 (with vario grippers: 3195)
Width (mm) 1505
Length (mm) 3965
Weight (kg) 2300

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