Utilising our range of Fluorinoid® load bearing low friction materials for over 30 years, we have gained a global reputation for providing slide bearing, pipe supports and skidway solutions to the construction and oil industries. J Bearings & T Bearings We manufacture specific J Bearings & T Bearings for subsea use. The bearings are used on SURF projects incorporating PLETS where movement may occur between the pipe line/ riser assembly and mudmat Pot Bearings We also supply PTFE plain and dimpled inserts to leading manufacturers of pot bearings for road and bridge applications. Timber Skid Shoes Fluoroglide® FL914 Our range of Fluoroglide® timber skid shoes are manufactured from Green Heart timber sourced from British Guyana. The timber is graded to HS grade as defined on BS5756:2007 by suitably qualified graders with no wane permitted.

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