Introducing a range of ultra-compact power supply units from Power Logic. The Slimline family includes four distinctively styled profiles to suit any domestic or corporate environment. The Protea, Orion, Omega and Iris profiles come in a wide variety of colours and can accommodate a diverse range of selected power outlets and interfaces. The units are robustly constructed from aluminium and engineering plastics according to strict international standards, whilst still retaining their modularity for almost limitless customizable options. They also feature swivelling cable strain-relief as standard. Minimise the space taken up by bulkier power supply systems by converting to the new Slimline range, with versatile desk mounting options and contemporary metallic accents. *Image used to display the style of the product. This product can accommodate the Schuko, French/Belgium and other international sockets. Contact Power Logic directly for more information.

  • power supply units, electronic
  • Peripherals
  • Customised products

Product features

Smallest extrusion profile to date N/A
Various desk mounting options available N/A
Compatible with VA, EFP and timer modules N/A
Robust aluminium construction N/A
Conserves valuable desktop real-estate N/A
Dual circuit options available (clean and normal power) N/A
90 Degree swivel cable N/A
Up to 7 different international power outlet types available N/A

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