Slow-Axis Collimation

Optical Components


INGENERIC SAC The Slow-Axis Collimation optic is a highly efficient means of forming the beam in the slow-axis of diode lasers. It is available either as a monolithic array of cylindrical lenses or as a single lens. All of our optics are produced using high-quality optical glass. The exacting product tolerances guarantee efficient collimation of the light from all emitters and compatibility with laser bars and stacks Product Spectrum In order to offer the best solution for your application INGENERIC provides a broad spectrum of Slow-Axis Collimation optics off the shelf. With respect to length or support structures the lenses can be tailored to your specific needs. Advantages transmission up to 99% minimized dead zones highest level of precision and uniformity customized solutions with small NRE-costs highly economical manufacturing process for large quantities reliable and stable quality

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