Our powerful junior The chimney top fan KA-I Junior is our smallest flue gas fan. It is mounted on the chimney head and driven by an electric motor outside of the flow. Flowing combustion gases from the chimney are sucked by the high performance centrifugal impeller in axial direction, diverted by 90 ° in the impeller, and blown out of the chimney head horizontally below the motor base plate in two directions. The temperature-resistant special construction of the KA-I junior allows an operating temperature of 250 ° C / 480 ° F. Fan casing and wheel are made entirely of stainless steel and guarantee a high protection against corrosion. The fan motor is a continuously adjustable, temperature-resistant special motor with temperature monitoring by thermal contacts. The KA-I Junior is easy to assemble and can be tilted for the chimney cleaning without tools at the top of the chimney.

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