Small diffuse dwelling Culture House


Core technology: Maintenance-free, mildew-proof,moisture-proof and anti-corrosion; mirror and tempered glass can be used for appearance, and integrated with natural scenery. Main Frame:   main frame assembly type, can be transported to the site in batches to complete assembly, efficient and fast; Wall System:   high-end matte fluorocarbon gray aluminium plate is used for exterior wall and roof, Connections:  seamless connection between wall and roof greatly improves the aesthetic feeling of the building, Interior decoration:  interior assembly of Elegant Angel white carving board and jute interior decoration, sound insulation and environmental protection; Flooring:  Residential system, floor with anti-skid wood grain fast-loading floor, Outdoor Area:  Outdoor terrace High-end plastic boards, The overall design of "art comes from nature" as the concept, making it a unique landscape in nature! Standard Size : 7200 * 3600 * 3850mm, 3000 * 2000mm (Attic area) Total : 32.㎡

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standard sizes can be customized

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