AGS Box is an innovative service for shipping small packages between France and French overseas territories. The AGS Box dimensions are as follows: 50 cm X 55 cm X 60 cm. Shipping with the AGS Box is cheaper than using traditional postal services for an identical package, representing a major benefit. If you are spending your holidays in a French overseas territory, the AGS Box will follow you with all the baggage you could not carry with you. The AGS Box is available for the following destinations: French Guyana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Réunion Island and Mayotte. Example of a package shipped from France to Martinique: the AGS Box is available at the price of 85 euros with the following dimensions: length 54 cm, height 61 cm and width 51 cm. AGS will take of unloading and customs clearance, and you can collect the package from the warehouse. The small package service is certified by the FAIM Plus and ISO 9001 norms.

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