Smart System

High performance, simple linear units with steel re-enforced driving belt

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The SMART SYSTEM linear actuators feature a self-sustaining anodized aluminum frame and steel re-enforced driving belt. This is a series of highly cost effective linear units, featuring high performance combined with a carefully planned simple construction. High load capacity,High speeds and accelerations, High admissible tipping moments, Low friction ,Low noise The SMART SYSTEM series consists of 3 distinct products with different features: E-SMART, R-SMART, S-SMART. SMART SYSTEM – E-SMART .

Internal transport systems
  • High load capacity with recirculating ball guides
  • Available with fixed carriage and movable profile for Z axis solutions
  • Simple structure for effective cost

Product features

S-SMART 50-65-80
R-SMART 120-160-220
E-Smart 30-50-80-100
Repeat accuracy 0,1 mm
Max.speed 4m/s
Max. stroke 6000 mm
High dynamics V=4m/s, A=50m/s2
Aluminum alloy 6060 profile E-SMART and R-SMART can provide longer strokes for jointed versions

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