The control unit properly distributes the signals from rear car lights to trailer lights, given the drop in resistance when connecting the trailer, multivoltage signal on the single control wire or the PWM signal. The unit is equipped with an additional channel control function and a buzzer warning of a burned-out lamp on the trailer. Device protects the electrical car equipment from a short circuit on the trailer, controlling all seven channels, as well as the power wire of the device itself, it might be disconnected automatically when the norm temperature is exceeded. Electronic switches and a microprocessor are used in the circuitry of the device. Its feature is that the electronic control board is placed into a socket. The electronic board is completely protected from water by a special coating. This arrangement of the board reduces the number of wires and simplifies installation of the kit.

  • Towbar
  • Electrical Kit
  • Towbar Accessories

Product features

Voltage, V 9-30
Control channels, ps 6


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